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Gel Electrophoresis Systems

Ruth Hamilton/Wilbur Tong/Dan Witte

Dexter High School

Biotechnology is the future of healthcare, especially the field of genomics. The field of genomics is fast growing, and will no doubt replace outdated research in the cancer and genetic

By exposing our students to the very accessible technique of gel electrophoresis using the blueGelTM system, we can spark the wonder and excitement that this technology brings. Our students will be able to use modern technology that is used in hospital and university research labs throughout the world to analyze DNA samples in a safe and accessible way. With these systems our students will be able to literally watch the movement of DNA with their own eyes, reinforcing the concepts being taught.

Students in over 3 different courses (IB Biology HL Years 1&2, AP Biology, and Forensic Science) will be able to use this equipment as part of each individual curriculum. The number of different labs these systems can be used with is extensive, from DNA fingerprinting to identify a ‘suspect’ in a crime, to testing the DNA of each class member for the PTC ‘taster’ gene. IB Biology students will be able to use these systems during their IA projects, and IB Diploma students who wish to do their EE in Biology will also be able to use them.

We are confident that the experiences these labs will provide our students will be amongst the highlights of their high school careers.


These systems will last for at least 10+ years, and will allow students of all abilities to study DNA the same way researchers in hospital and university labs across the world do.

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