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Dread Strong Staff Appreciation Awards
Nominate a Dexter teacher or staff member to be recognized for excellence in education!
  • Does your child have a great teacher?

  • A favorite bus driver?

  • A supportive coach?

  • Has someone gone above and beyond for your child or family? 

Show your appreciation to the Dexter Community Schools staff with a Dread Strong Staff Appreciation Award by making a donation in their honor to the Educational Foundation of Dexter.


As of September 2020, each of the Dexter Schools main offices will feature a Dread Strong Staff Appreciation screen.  The screen will have a scrolling presentation to honor these award recipients with their name, picture and a kind message regarding why they were nominated for the award.

The Dread Strong Staff Appreciation Awards have two cycles, with submission deadlines in December and June.  DCS teachers and staff will be notified of their award by email.  Personalized certificates will be distributed and slides for the Dread Strong Award screens will be updated at the end of each semester.  

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