Who We Are

  • We fund excellence in learning in Dexter Community Schools.

  • We provide financial support for educational programs beyond the district funding.

  • We enrich the educational experience of Dexter students.

Stronger Together

EFD and E4DS are proud to announce a new partnership, beginning in May 2020.  Our merged organization will together carry forward the missions and values of both entities under the Educational Foundation of Dexter name, with Excellence for Dexter Students as the guiding principle. We are excited to unite the skill sets and volunteer energy of our committed board members for greater resource efficiency. We feel confident that this alignment will allow us to do even more to support excellence in our Dexter school community.  We move forward as one foundation, supporting one school community.


EFD and E4DS believe that our collaboration will allow us to strengthen our educational roots as a community and eliminate the confusion of having two organizations with similar missions. Our goal is to have a strong, united presence in Dexter - an organization that inspires everyone to contribute, at a donation level where they are comfortable, to the educational cause that inspires their passion. The structure of the organization will allow donors to specify how their gifted funds are spent - whether donating to “where it’s needed most,”  funding district initiatives, or supporting teacher grants.  All funds raised prior to May 2020 will be used for their original purpose; all donor intentions will be honored.