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Frequently asked questions

What is the EFD?

The Educational Foundation of Dexter (EFD), now an organization merged with Excellence 4 Dexter Students (E4DS), is a non-profit group, founded to collect and provide meaningful financial support to promote excellence in Dexter Community Schools (DCS).  The EFD supports initiatives including, but not limited to: grants to individual teachers, grants for whole district projects and initiatives, grants to individual school buildings, direct donations to meet district funding needs, and donor-directed gifts.

Who is part of the EFD?

The community members on the EFD Board came together through a mutual desire to improve and enhance our children’s education.  Our Board’s community members have a diverse set of strengths, skills, and political leanings.  Our children attend the full range of grade levels available in Dexter and we are united in our desire to support the educational experience of all children in Dexter.  In addition to the community Board members, we are joined by Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Timmis, one elected member of the Dexter Board of Education, and one teacher liaison. We hope that EFD will continue to grow so that every Dexter resident considers themselves a part of this organization!

Don’t property taxes pay for the schools?

No, and yes. Prior to 1994, the majority of the funding for local school districts came from property taxes, and millage rates (the amount of taxes paid) were voted on in local elections. After voters approved Proposal A, which created the School Aid Fund, school funding was moved from local control to state control. Now our property taxes only cover roughly 13% of the cost to educate our children. The state now tells us how much we will receive in order to pay for things like staff salaries, books, and other operating expenses. Contributions to EFD will be invested directly into our district - the state won't have any control over these dollars. 


To learn more about how public schools are funded in Michigan, please click here.

Doesn’t the $71.7 Million Dollar Bond Cover All School Funding Needs?

While the Dexter community passed a $71M bond in 2017 to renovate and expand school facilities, state laws dictate that bond revenue may only be used for capital expenses (e.g. erecting or remodeling buildings, furnishings, technology, school buses) rather than operational expenses (e.g., staff salaries,  utilities, textbooks and supplies). Today, actual dollars to provide programming at the classroom level in Dexter Schools is currently equal to that of funding levels in 1995, without correcting for inflation.

To learn more about how public schools are funded in Michigan, please click here.

Is EFD a political group?

No. While EFD understands that school funding decisions at the State level are an inherently political process, our main charge is to directly support our district through fundraising efforts- by and with those who care about excellence for Dexter students.  EFD provides factual information about school funding- both historical and current- to help families understand the funding pressures that districts are facing.  EFD does not take political stances nor does it support legislation or candidates.

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