Grant Submission: FALL 2021

  • All grant proposals must be submitted to your building Principal/Director before submission. 

  • The deadline for grant submission to EFD is October 31.

  • NOTE: All grants must be authored and submitted by Dexter Community School staff.

  • NOTE: All grants will be reviewed in November, and you will be notified of our decision no later than last week in November.

Grant Submission Instructions:

  • All grant proposals must be given to building principals for review BEFORE submitting the final grant application with our online Grant Submission Form and submitted no later than October 31.

  • Make a copy of this google doc, Grant Submission Worksheet , to develop your application and provide it to your principal/director for review.

  • Grant applications will be reviewed by the EFD Board, and voting results will be announced via email.

Grant Awardee Information:​
  • Awarded Fall Grant funds are available upon acceptance and expire June 30 of the same school year.

  • Providing feedback is an essential element of our grant review process.

  • Completion of the Grant Impact Form will be taken into consideration for your future grant proposals.

If you have any questions, please contact the EFD Grants Committee at or the EFD teacher liaison, Cassy Korinek at. .