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THis APPLICATION opens in the first week of September.

Grant Submission: EFD Fall Grant Cycle

  • Use this online  Grant Submission Form to submit your grant request. 

  • You may wish to make a copy of this google doc, Grant Submission Worksheet, to develop your application and provide it to your principal/director for review.

  • The deadline to submit a Fall Grant to EFD is October 31.

  • All grant proposals must be reviewed by your building Principal/Director BEFORE submission.

  • All grant proposals must be authored and submitted by Dexter Community School staff.


  • Please Note:  All grant proposals for technology items will be pre-approved by the DCS Technology Department to confirm district compatibility.

  • Please Note: All grant proposals for playground equipment must be pre-approved by DCS Buildings & Grounds and by your building Principal/Director.

Grant Awardee Information:
  • Awarded Fall Grant funds are available upon approval and expire June 30 of the same school year.

  • We love seeing the impact of your teacher grants in the classroom and in the schools. Please consider sharing pictures and posts of your grants in action.   Your Ideas + EFD Grants = Excellence in Dexter Schools.

All grant items stay with the class or grade level for which they were originally purchased.  Grant items are the property of DCS and are to stay in the district.

If you have an off-cycle grant request, please reach out to the EFD Grants Committee at

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