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FAQ for DCS Staff Grants


EFD application process:

  • EFD Fall Grant Cycle - applications are due October 31.

  • EFD Spring Grant Cycle - applications are due March 31.

  • All grant proposals must be authored and submitted by Dexter Community School staff.

  • All grant proposals must be reviewed by your building Principal/Director BEFORE submission.

  • All  grant proposals for technology items must be pre-approved by the DCS Technology Department to confirm district compatibility.

  • All grant proposals for playground equipment must be pre-approved by DCS Buildings & Grounds by your building Principal/Director.


When are approved grant funds available:

  • Approved Fall Grant funds are available immediately and expire June 30th of the same school year.

  • Approved Spring Grant funds can be submitted for reimbursement starting July 1st and expire June 30th of the following school year.

Historically not funded by the EFD:

Every grant is reviewed based on the benefits to DCS students, however there are several items that have not historically been funded by EFD:

  • Core curriculum textbooks or supplies.

  • Consumables (i.e. office supplies, paper, markers, food, etc).

  • Transportation costs.

  • Gifts or rewards for volunteers (i.e. pizza lunch for parent volunteers).

  • Technology, supplies or equipment that should be provided by the district per a student's IEP.

  • Structural repairs or improvements to buildings.

  • Nonspecific items (items a grant writer will determine at a later date).

  • Reimbursements for items already purchased and/or retroactive payments for experiences.

  • Cost for parent chaperone admission to events/museums.  EFD will pay admission costs for DCS teachers/staff acting as chaperones.

  • EFD supports experiences for Dexter students preK-12, however historically does not fund individual scholarships.

funding for teacher/staff training:

A donor advised fund for teacher/staff training is available through the district office.  Submit those grant applications to the district office.  


Who can I contact regarding questions about EFD Grants?

If you have questions or an off-cycle grant request, please reach out to the EFD Grants Committee at

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