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Mike Cipolla


I'm a father of two boys here in Dexter. My wife Dana and I moved here in 2008 from North Carolina. We choose to live here for several reasons. We love the small-town feel and sense of community here. One of the most important factors was having a great public school system for our boys. Dexter Community Schools provides that. Over the years I have enjoyed getting to know many students, parents, and community members in Dexter. Through my involvement in various volunteer opportunities, I found my way to the Educational Foundation of Dexter.

After researching what exactly EFD was all about and speaking with some board members I joined the board in 2017. Since then I have worked to bring EFD more attention. I felt many parents, myself included were simply unaware of the impact EFD has had on their children's educational experience. My passion continues to be discovering new ways to showcase our amazing teachers and ways to promote excellence in education here in Dexter.

(919) 225-2529

Mike Cipolla
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