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4th Grade U of M Museum Field Trip

Kylie Benson

Admission to the University of Michigan Natural History Museum and the add-on Dinosaur Adaptations nature lab for all fourth grade students to explore and learn about fossils, structure/function, and adaptations

Admission to the University of Michigan Natural History Museum coupled with the investigation lab will benefit fourth grade students in a variety of ways. In the museum exhibits “Evolution: Life Through Time” and “Exploring Michigan”, students will be able to explore and learn about rock formations, fossils, and ecosystems, both within Michigan and all around the world. The nature lab about adaptations will allow students a hands-on experience to learn more about the internal and external structures that dinosaurs used for survival. These experiences align with several of the fourth grade Next Generation Science Standards and Michigan Social Studies Standards (C3 Framework). Visiting the
museum and experiencing the nature lab presents a unique learning opportunity outside of the classroom that promotes student curiosity, discovery, and exploration within the science and social studies fields.

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