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Mircropipettes for Biology

Ruth Hamilton/Dan Witte/Wilbur Tong

Dexter High School

The electrophoresis systems previously purchased by a generous grant from the EFD have been used to great effect already, but it was noted that the majority of the existing micropipettes within the science department were not working correctly and were not accurately calibrated. This led to some groups not dispensing enough DNA to run their gels correctly. Also, inaccurate micropipettes led to some inaccuracies in students’ Internal Assessments (IA’s) for their IB Biology course and Biology EE’s for IB Diploma students.

Sometimes there is nothing worse for students than conducting labs that do not work through no fault of their own, as this frustration can often turn students off science. Having accurate and reliable micropipettes will allow students of all abilities to conduct intricate labs that will yield reliable and repeatable results.
Also, by having accurate and effective micropipettes, students will be able to really enjoy the beauty of dispensing accurate minute amounts of solutions just as scientists all over the world do each and every day in their own labs. Micropipettes are iconic in biological research and their use can truly inspire many students to pursue a career in the sciences, as students see themselves using the same equipment as they see in the hands of scientists on the news, in educational videos, and in tv shows and movies.

These micropipettes will be used for many, many years in a multitude of different labs across a minimum of three science courses (AP/IB/FS) in addition to IA’s and EE’s in IB courses and will be a great investment for the science department.

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