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MakerSpace Band Saw

Annette Jones

Dexter High School

MakerSpace and other science programs and teachers will be able to use the Portable Table Top Bandsaw. Currently, students don’t have access to a tool that can make curved or rip cuts for wood, metal, and 3-D printed plastics. Right now, students only have a hand miter box saw to make cross-cuts in thin softwood which is very limiting. Students design and execute their own mini and master projects and this bandsaw will broaden their project options. Students can use the saw to house their electronics projects, make LED lit lamps and signs, cut acoustic speaker boxes, cut plexiglass for 3-D printer PLA dry storage boxes, make kinetic sculptures, cut parts for automatons, and the list goes on.

Besides MakerSpace, the portable saw can be brought to other classrooms that are working on a STEM project such as Anatomy which builds digestive systems out of “junk” parts-which many times need to be cut and altered to fit together.

All teachers will have access to the saw for building demos or lab materials such as ramps, display stands, testing carols, signs, glassware racks, etc.

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