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Detroit Institute of Art Virtual Visit

Christie Newsome


The DIA offers an excellent docent-led tour, titled “Shaping Identities,” through some of the richest ancient world artifacts from Egypt, Asia, Greece, and Rome, as well as an Islamic gallery. Students will virtually explore works of art from around the world spanning thousands of years to investigate how people of diverse cultures use art to define, reinforce, and communicate cultural, national, and personal identity. Our curriculum emphasis on how cultures today are greatly inspired by the ancients gives students the opportunity to make connections between the objects as art and function. Students also gain a deeper appreciation of the cultures they are studying through art.

All 6th graders at Creekside will preview pictures of ancient artifacts during class time, synthesizing what they've learned about “what makes a civilization.” While on the virtual docent-led tour at the DIA, students can make connections between photos of artifacts seen in class and real artifacts viewed during the DIA live Zoom.

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