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Sensory Support

Kaitlin Schmoekel

Sensory Supports for all students to aid with self regulation, de-escalation strategies or calming activities.

Every child has unique needs. We are seeing more and more of a sensory need in our buildings (Anchor and Beacon) and for tools to support those sensory needs. Not just with our students with IEPs or 504 plans.
While we do have materials and plans for students, we are seeing a need for additional products to provide choices and also for products that provide whole body deep pressure or that assist with calming activities.
It is really important to meet students where they are and provide the tools needed to help students be ready to engage, learn and be an active participant in their classroom.
If approved, our special education teams as well as our social worker and counselor can talk with teachers about the supports and devise a system where all students will have access. We already have a few ideas:)
If students are not regulated, it makes learning challenging. It will be nice to provide more choices to assist students with regulation strategies.

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