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Reflex Math

Britnie Bell

Reflex Math subscription for math intervention students in order to grow in their fact fluency and build confidence in their math skill.

When a student struggles with fact fluency in middle school it makes it even more difficult for them to learn and focus on new content. ReflexMath provides an educational website that makes math fun for students while also helping them grow in their fact fluency. I have used this website for five years and my students love to use it and I love seeing the growth that they show in their scores as well as their own confidence in the math classroom. Unfortunately this year the Reflex Math website has stopped their free year grants for teachers and are only doing one week free trials. I use this site multiple times a week with my math intervention students as well as in our caseload support class. It has been not only beneficial for me as a teacher but also a fun, interactive, and engaging learning intervention opportunity for my students.

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Thank you for your consideration!

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