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Dog Visits With A Purpose!

Narda Black

This grant includes 19 individual classroom visits with the Huron Valley Humane Society ACE (Animal Care Education) Teacher and a service dog that will serve as a kick-off for a Wylie school-wide upcycle animal towel drive in January 2023.

I have obtained a $1,500 quote from Humane Society of Huron Valley for 19 separate classroom visits at Wylie Elementary with an ACE (Animal Care Education) educator and a service dog. Link to ACE website included here

The ACE visit will serve as a kick-off event for a school-wide towel drive. The Humane Society is in great need for used towels at their facility. Teaching students about upcycling materials is important for the environment. Each classroom will have a large brown paper leaf bag to collect the used towels to donate to the HSHV.

Students will learn how to use Google Slides and Draw in Media as they create promotional flyers for the towel collection drive. This is a key technology skill that many teachers have asked me to help the kids develop and learn.

The Wylie Student Council has indicated their interest and enthusiasm with supporting this program. Having the student helpers to distribute and collect the materials will be very helpful. It will also show the students that upcycling is an important part of conserving resources and helping the environment.

Parents will also be excited to participate in this program as they clean out their linen closets and donate to a wonderful cause at the same time! :)

This is a true win-win-win program!!

Description of the ACE programs include:
For 3rd – 5th Grade
Through Your Eyes: In this program, participants will look at the world through the eyes of an animal. Participants will view a human-animal conflict from the perspective of both a person and an animal and consider humane solutions to the conflict. A program for both critical thinking and empathy building!
Animal Adaptations: How does a polar bear stay warm in the Arctic? How can you tell what a bird eats by looking at their beak? In this hands-on program participants will learn about adaptations and how plants and animals develop adaptations in order to better survive their habitat.
Teachers will be able to select either the Animal Adaptations or Through Your Eyes program based on their individual classroom needs.

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