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Brewing Independence

Kellison Kohler

Seeking support for supplies to help maintain an EFD-funded, small coffee business run by Dexter High School High Needs Resource Room and Vocational Training Students that teaches job skills, financial literacy, and independence.

The grant will allow the students of the High Needs Resource Room to continue to operate the classroom business, Brewing Independence. This classroom business has been a staple of the High Needs Resource Room for years now as part of the classes, Vocational Education and Life Skills. We are seeking $155.46 to help maintain the program financially so we can work towards the program becoming independent and self-sustaining.
Many of the students in the High Needs Resource Room are working on improving their prevocational skills and increasing their independence. Brewing Independence is a perfect opportunity to achieve those goals. Brewing Independence would also provide a consistent, and sustainable program that can assist students in learning specific job skills with the goal of transferring these skills to similar job settings.

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