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Ambient Classroom Lighting

Ruth Hamilton

Eight rechargeable table lamps to provide ambient lighting to allow my students to feel calmer and more focussed yet still giving enough light to allow them to complete their work.

Although my subject area is biology, I like to create a welcoming environment within my classroom to make the students feel comfortable and at ease. However, the harsh fluorescent lighting in our classrooms does not foster a calm or pleasant environment. I do have fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and along the walls, but they do not provide enough light for students to work with, meaning we have to have the harsh lighting for most of the class. Fluorescent lighting can cause headaches, especially when it is on all day. I know that personally, as soon as the students leave my classroom during lunch or at the end of the day, I immediately turn the lights off and use the light from a table lamp I brought in from home.

By having rechargeable table lamps on each group table, they would provide more than enough light for the students to do their work, yet it would be a calming and pleasant light. Students often ask me to turn the lights off when they are working, but it is just that bit too dark and I have to leave them turned on. With the lamps being rechargeable this overcomes the problems of electrical cords which could be trip hazards.

Below is an article which outlines how beneficial thoughtful lighting can be to learning:

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