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3D Printing: The Power of Prototyping

David Yon

3D printing has been around for several years and it is a industry standard practice of prototyping design ideas. Students have the power to create anything they can imagine into a physical model and test their ideas. 3D modeling to create working prototypes changes the game and allows students to grow a deeper understanding of how & why things work.

Student voice & choice working in tandem with creation, innovation, and higher-order thinking give this grant purpose and meaning. By allowing students in my Science, Computer Programming, Flight, and FIRST Robotics the opportunity to think deeply and see their ideations come to "life." The prototyping process that incorporates reliable and robust machinery to fabricate ideas that work give students greater opportunities to harness and grasp their ideas from abstract to concrete examples.

My goal is to use the 3D printer to help students understand the importance of the design process: prototyping, testing, and redesigning based on thoughtful evaluation. The design process is used in science, computer programming, flight, and FTC Robotics. My goal is to also expand electives this year by creating a 3D modeling and design course which incorporates CAD modeling via Autodesk Fusion 360.

Although 3D printers might be in use at Mill Creek and throughout our district, there are so many more classes and students that can benefit from using them to enhance their learning experience.

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