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Supplementary Decodable Books

Megan Hendricks


All students at the DEEC are receiving phonics instruction from the newly adopted Reading Horizons Curriculum. Classroom teachers have sets of 6 decodable books to use with their students. Intervention teachers at Anchor and Beacon have 3 sets of each of the classroom books to share between buildings to provide practice with students who receive reading support. These students would benefit from additional, simple decodable books to get more practice with specific phonics skills.

Samples of books can be viewed at:

Reading Simplified Article about Decodable Books:


Decodable books help build students' feelings of success as they learn to read. Good readers rely on more than just their visual memory when reading words, they read words from a sound-based approach. Foundational skills are strengthened through practice when students read sounds they recognize and the words become more automatic. Once students have mastered the foundational skills, books, rich in vocabulary and plot will be more accessible to our emergent readers. The skills presented in these decodable books will be needed every year for either our early readers and students who need extra support.

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