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MSU Model UN

Angela Chea

Dexter High School

Each student is placed in a committee representing a country in the real United Nations. Each committee is assigned topics relating to global issues and crises. In advance of the conference, students are required to research both their country and their topics and write a position paper explaining their stance on each issue.
Students debate and draft resolutions within their committees and compete for awards and recognition. This academic extracurricular activity (in its fourth year at DHS) develops the following skills and content areas:
- Research and writing skills
- analysis and problem solving
- public speaking, collaboration, and consensus building
- content knowledge of current global issues and political crises
For a sample of this year’s topics see the link below. (There are multiple committee tabs - this is one as an example)
MSUMUN Committees and Topics


Students learn valuable leadership skills through this conference. They collaborate with students from other high schools, debate and give speeches, but then by necessity come together and collaborate with others to craft a resolution.

In addition, students are preparing themselves for possible future professional careers. Students choose to join a committee and thoroughly research a topic in their area of interest. They gain skills in academic research, public policy, international diplomacy, debating, public speaking, and formal writing, to name a few. They are also able to meet college students at MSU who run the committees. These interactions help them visualize themselves in a college environment, and many of my Model UN students express an interest in MSU’s James Madison school, when we discuss the program after attending the conference.

It should also be noted that Model UN is considered an academic extracurricular and is viewed favorably by college admissions officers because of the amount and level of academic work involved.

The students who participated the last few years have done a great job taking leadership roles this year and in mentoring students who are new. My officers organized a Model UN simulation so students will know what to expect during their first conference, and have already organized a fundraising event to help cover the costs of MUNUM, our U of M conference in January.

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