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Digital Cameras

Krickett Chamberlain

Dexter High School

Dexter High School just started a Digital Photography Class in the Fall of 2021. Right now Students are using their Smartphones to photograph, edit and upload their work to their school given computer for more editing or submission. Students are taught the few basic settings and functions that most Smartphones have/can do, but it is difficult to teach it this way as not all 30 Students in a class have the same type of Smartphone. I myself have an iPhone and so when I project and do in class demos I am demonstrating on an iPhone and then have to source and locate videos to help the Android users. Having a set of 15 Digital Cameras available for classroom use would allow my Students to partner up and photograph on the same device using demonstrations that were taught to them on the same device that they are using to photograph.

DSLR Cameras are becoming more and more popular in almost every line of work, be it construction to photograph the job site and process, to medical work to photograph and submit injuries into a digital database, broadcasting/journalism work to post digital articles and keep the world informed of main events and even more so in the artistic fields to bring beauty to the world through the use of digital means. I want to be able to teach my Digital Photography Students that there is a wealth of career and technical opportunities out there for them; because they learned how to properly use technology in school and can work with a digital design mechanism that is highly sought after in many areas of study.


The Canon Rebel EOS T7 is Canon's newest beginners model of Digital DSLR Camera. This model will stay relevant for many years now due to its highest technological make for a beginner camera. Students who might not have or be able to use their Smartphones at school but want to explore what Digital Photography is all about will be able to take the class despite their challenges, and have an updated, relevant and high tech device available to them to be able to participate.

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