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Sensory Calming Space

Jessica Leonard, Kaitlin Schmoekel, Jody O'Bryan

We are looking to create a trauma informed calming space for students to help support emotional regulation. We are hoping this space would help to improve the regulatory capacity of the students in need.

We are requesting funding to create a trauma informed calming space for students at the Dexter Early Education Complex. We are hoping to build a space for students to improve their regulatory capacity by developing the ability to experience and modulate stress effectively. It has been shown that when students are able to access a heathy tension releasing activity, it plays a big role in the impact stress will have on a child's developing body and mind.
We are observing students needing access to spaces that allow them to calm the body and mind within the school setting, so they are able to regulate emotionally and return to learning. We believe by creating this space we will improve students ability to access their learning and develop more meaningful connections within their school environment.
This space would be available to any student within the Dexter Early Education Complex that is in need of this type of environment. The benefits of this space would continue to carry over from year to year, with minimal additional costs.

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