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Pocket Lab: Science Everywhere

David Yon

Science is truly meant to engage and inspire wonderment and awe while gaining a deeper understanding of the world we live in! When students learn science in middle school it is so important to capture their curiosity and give them a hands-on experience. The Pocket Labs GForce and Voyager Sensor give students the opportunity to investigate and interact with their data in powerful ways.

Since the fall of 2021 the 8th grade Science department has taken on a new science curriculum which incorporates a lot of hands-on opportunities to learn through projects and experiments. The use of sensors and analyzing data allows the learner to better understand how the science principles manifest themselves through the results that are collected. Our students are being taught to take in observable science phenomena and use it to gain a deeper, more significant understanding of how science works in our everyday lives.

The grant proposes the incorporation of Pocket Lab Sensors into the educational repertoire and learning experience of our 8th grade students. These pocket-sized sensors are like a scientific Swiss Army knife, enabling real-time data analysis. They cover a spectrum of disciplines—physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Traditional graphing and input of data analysis is taught and expected of our students. The use of these sensors and the Pocket Lab online notebook (included) give the students the opportunity to move straight into data analysis rather than trying to go through the cumbersome task of making graphs by hand or through Google Sheets. The use of these sensors equip students with practical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. By integrating Pocket Lab Sensors, students can actively participate in giving data analysis a new meaning and purpose.

As we shape the minds and learning opportunities of future scientists and engineers, these sensors would give our Dexter students the opportunities to be better equipped in science/engineering skills and practices for future learning endeavors in high school and beyond.

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