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Experience Chinese Cuisine and Etiquette

Emily Xu

This year, My 8th-grade students will learn more words, traditions, and etiquette about Chinese food. In order to have the students experience real Chinese cuisine and its cultures during Chinese New Year, I’d like to order genuine and delicious Chinese food from the local Chinese restaurant Food Zone.

Chinese food is an essential part of Chinese culture. Exploring different dishes and dining customs helps my 8th-graders immerse themselves in the culture and gain a deeper understanding of the traditions, values, and social aspects of the Chinese people. In addition, the students will enhance their language skills and vocabulary by designing and reading Chinese menus and learning food-related vocabulary. Besides, sharing meals with native speakers and fellow students provides an opportunity to practice language skills in a relaxed and natural setting. It encourages conversations about food, taste preferences, and dining etiquette. Last but not least, understanding Chinese dining customs and etiquette, such as the significance of sharing dishes or using chopsticks, promotes cultural sensitivity and respect when interacting with Chinese people.

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