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Charles H. Wright Museum Trip

Kelly Parachek

This grant will provide admission fee to the Charles H. Wright Museum for every 5th grade student at Creekside. Students will have the opportunity to explore the tragedies of the Middle Passage to the heroism of the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Lifelike artifacts, reenactments, and powerful stories shared by museum experts will bring history to life for our students.

I require this grant so that all fifth grade students at Creekside can visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan.

The fifth grade curriculum for social studies requires that children analyze the development of the slave system in the Americas and its impact upon the life of Africans.
U2.2 European Slave Trade and Slavery in Colonial America Analyze the development of the slave system in the Americas and its impact.
5 – U2.2.1 Describe Triangular Trade, including: • the trade routes. • the people and goods that were traded. • the Middle Passage. • the impact on life in Africa.
5 – U2.2.2 Describe the lives of enslaved Africans and free Africans, including fugitive and escaped slaves in the American colonies.
5 – U2.2.3 Describe how enslaved and free Africans struggled to retain elements of their diverse African histories and cultures to develop distinct African-American identities.

The museum provides great aesthetic, interpretive and intellectual experiences, that will really bring this area of study to life for each fifth grade student at Creekside.

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