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Youth Fiddle Group Performance

Allison Campbell/Matt Deloria/Melanie Dever

Creekside, Mill Creek

Fiddle music adds an exciting dimension to performing and provides a glimpse into the history of string music in various cultures. The Saline Fiddlers' tunes include traditional American folk music, Celtic tunes, French Canadian Reels, and more. The Saline Fiddlers consist entirely of high school students from Saline, Ann Arbor, Milan, and surrounding areas. Dexter students are able to audition and join the group! The group has been honored to perform three times at the White House and twice on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, as well as at a State of Michigan’s Presidential Inaugural Ball. Annual summer tours have spanned the United States from the east coast to the west coast, down south to up north, and have also included performances in Canada and tours in Europe, including visits to Saline’s sister cities of Brecon, Wales and Lindenberg, Germany. Each year the group performs 50-60 times, generally donating a third of their annual schedule to community service events. The Saline Fiddlers have also performed with the Dexter Symphony Orchestra for many years prior to the pandemic, and look forward to connecting with the Dexter community going forward.

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