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Quiz Bowl Buzzers - Refurbish and New Sets

Denise Dutcher

This grant is for refurbishing the two existing sets of Creekside's Quiz Bowl Club buzzers and purchasing two new sets. Quiz Bowl has become popular in the past few years. Our new sets will help to ensure that everyone present has a buzzer. Refurbishing our old sets is more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Quiz Bowl is one of the few after school clubs here at Creekside. It reaches a group of students that love to answer middle school trivia questions in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Over the years, QB club has grown from just a handful of students to more than 30 kids. Our current buzzer sets are old--one is more than 20 years old! Both sets need to be rebuilt as some of the buzzer lights do not work and some of the buzzers don't buzz. The kids are pretty careful with them, but as you might imagine, over time wires become loose and bulbs burn out.

Refurbishing our current sets and purchasing two new sets would allow every student to have a light/buzzer instead of having to wait for one to be available. It would also give us a backup set in case one isn't working.

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