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Outdoor Toys for Preschool Children (Ages 2.5 - 5)

Morgan Rogers

Outdoor-quality toy lawn mowers and shopping carts to engage preschool children (ages 2.5 through 5 years old) in imaginative play outside.

This grant will provide five toy lawn mowers and five toy shopping carts for the younger preschool playground, as well as five of each to the older preschool playground. These outdoor-grade materials will allow the children to engage in imaginative play scenarios, alone and together, as they act out activities that they see in their everyday lives. The children will be able to fill and push the carts, pretend to mow the yards, and create their own sense of enjoyment as they play outside. These materials will help provide a more diverse array of outdoor activities for multiple groups of preschool children to engage with for years to come.

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