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Let’s Go Digital!

Krickett Chamberlain

iPad tablets with Procreate for Foundations of Art, Illustration and Advanced Drawing & Painting to use to gain an understanding of the high demand for Graphic Design, Product Design and Digital work in the vastly changing world of Artistic Careers.

Current in demand Art Careers are looking for artists who are adept at on paper sketches as well as digital work. By having the ability to teach Dexter High School’s Art Students the ins and outs of digital drawing on a tablet we are better preparing them for an artistic career like, product design, graphic design, product manufacturing, new forms of architecture, animation and much more. This technological world is changing at a rapid pace and in order for DHS to keep up with that and send Students off to College with a sense of preparedness for what College or Trade Schools can teach them we need to make sure to broaden their horizons as much as possible with new ideas and techniques.

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