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WWII Historical Fiction Book Sets

Kris Bowman/Anouk Weiss


During Reading Workshop, students benefit from reading in book clubs and/or reading a shared text, which is a key component of the fourth-grade historical fiction unit.

The fourth-grade mentor texts (Number the Stars by Lois Lowry; Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti) that go with our historical fiction unit are set in World War II. It is recommended that students read stories that are also set in this time period so they are better able to make connections to the mentor texts and stories their peers are reading while becoming more knowledgeable about WWII. Currently, we do not have multiple copies of WWII texts available for students to read in book clubs and/or partnerships.

The book list features a variety of high-interest books at a variety of reading levels, and they all take place during WWII.

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