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Therapeutic Horse Riding Inc.

Kalli Nowitzke/Kellison Kohler

The students will learn how to care for horses, learn about careers on the farm, work on communication skills and work on sensory activities with the horses as well as complete a project with volunteers at the Therapeutic Horse Riding Inc. in Ann Arbor.

Dexter High School currently offers consortium courses for students to explore different career paths and be more hands on in their field of study. Many of our students in the high needs resource room are interested in careers in this field. This opportunity allows students to interact with the horses, learn about careers on the farm, horse riding and horse care. Last year the students met another student with special needs who is the website photographer on the farm.
Furthermore, students are working on developing communication, meeting sensory needs, increasing their ability to follow multi-step directions and increasing their engagement in activities. This program will challenge the students and allow for additional opportunities to improve in all of these areas.
Since participating in this program last school year, there have been some students who have inquired about and/or are involved in this program after school hours. The students have continued to develop their interest in animal careers as well.

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