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The Road to Regulation

Tricia Winder/Sarah Fisk

Anchor, Beacon

Currently, all Anchor and Beacon staff are implementing the Zones of Regulation methodology in their classrooms. This includes helping students to identify their current feeling(s), and use a calming strategy to get back to the "green zone." An introductory lesson of the Zones of Regulation is taught at the beginning of the school year, and consistent use of Zones language is embedded throughout the school day through class read-alouds, classroom management systems, hallway expectations, and individual student behavior plans.

The Road to Regulation: A Story about Understanding Feelings and Emotions will enhance students current understanding of each Zone taught during the introductory lesson. This storybook expound the concept of different sizes of feelings, as well as helps students make the connection to what their bodies are feeling (tired) and doing (laying their head on the desk).

The Regulation Station: Exploring Tools to Help Manage Feelings and Emotions will enhance students current understanding of specific types of tools that should be utilized to regulate based on their current Zone. For example, if a student has identified that they feel frustrated and are in the "yellow zone," they will want to use a tool that will slow their mind and body down, such as practicing calm breathing. If a student identifies that they are feeling tired, and are in the "blue zone," they will want to use a tool that will energize their body, such as chair push ups.

Tools to Try Cards for Kids: Regulation Strategies to Focus, Calm, Think, Move, Breathe, and Connect will support concepts taught in both The Road to Regulation and The Regulation Station books. These card decks will help support student use a tool, and teachers to prompt the use of a tool that is appropriate for the students identified zone. This learning tool can be used in multiple ways: explored tool by tool with a whole classroom of students, used as a therapy aid in a smaller setting, for parents and caregivers to explore with their children, or for kids to pick up and practice on their own. This teaching tool also provides visual supports for the tools and encourages children to find specific tools helpful for learning to self-regulate in real-time within a specific Zone.


These materials will be used throughout each school year in each Y5-2nd grade classroom, special area classroom, and among mental health staff members. The Zones of Regulation will continue to be taught, as well as these materials be utilized, to support our social and emotional initiatives for the foreseeable future at both Anchor and Beacon.

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