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Outdoor Activities for Alternative Education Students

Shelley Rychener/Katie Heikkila/Jessica Baese

Alternative Education High School

Our students are in a one room building six hours per day. They are engaged in an on-line curriculum that can become quite cumbersome. We try to do many cooperative activities during the school day in attempt to break up the monotony, and we also utilize the track outside for exercise.
We would like to add two picnic tables outside of our building where the students could eat lunch in the fresh air, and we would also like to put a portable basketball hoop in our parking lot so the students could play basketball during breaks. We would also like to purchase a few indoor/outdoor games that we could utilize year round with our students as a means of entertainment as well as a way to develop community in our educational setting.


The outdoor spaces and activities will provide our students with needed breaks from their on-line curriculum as well as give them a healthy way to engage in cooperative activities with peers.

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